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We started to develop our aged finish in 2010. It was the result of an accident with one of our Buddy Holly J45s. The guitar got a bad scratch during the build so we thought let’s age it to look like Buddy’s original guitar.

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Dontcho Ivanov

Dontcho Ivanov is a Montreal-based luthier. He began studying classical guitar at the age of 14 in Bulgaria and has since devoted his life to music. After a three-year stay in France where he continued to perfect his art, he came to Montreal, Canada to complete his BA in classical guitar interpretation at UQAM.

His passion for the guitar and his continuous curiosity about how the instrument is built naturally led him to the world of lutherie. In 2010 he enrolled in the Guitar Bruand School, where he learned to build classical and flamenco guitars in the Spanish tradition with Hugues Lefort, and steel-string guitars in the California style with Mario Beauregard.

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My journey into the world of guitar building began at a young age. I attended the Galloup School of Lutherie at age 18, where I had my first real introduction to guitar building. Previously I had spent countless hours disassembling, painting, re-fretting, inlaying and generally tinkering with my own instruments and occasionally instruments belonging to friends and family. This was something of an obsession; I had fallen in love with the guitar and it never occurred to me not to tinker with them. With hindsight these early efforts were most critical in teaching me what not to do but they were invaluable none the less. Once I completed the Galloup program, I returned home to NYC with a considerably more serious attitude and an expanded skill-set. Committed to my further development as a craftsperson, I Initially I worked a brief stint at Rudy’s Music on 48th street in the repair department. Although repair work is rewarding - and enormously educational - I found myself eager to build instruments. After a few months and some persistent emailing, I was hired by the preeminent electric builder in New York, Roger Sadowsky. There I spent the next seven and a half years honing my craft. 

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IRIS GUITARS are the new production model manufactured by Circle Strings and Fairbanks Guitars. After many years of custom guitar building, we are proud to introduce an affordable, high-end acoustic guitar line, MADE IN THE USA, that is the perfect tool for any beginner or professional musician. Making an affordable, high end acoustic guitar is not an easy task at such a small level.


Because of this, this is a bare bones model with basic appointments to excite even the serious guitar aficionado. If you have been interested in a Fairbanks or Circle Strings guitar, but can't afford it, this is the perfect introduction to our guitars. Our goal is to make the best guitars we can for the player. 

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Keiuke Nishi was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. After graduating from ESP Guitar Craft Academy and later Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery, he joined the custom shop of First Act Inc. in Boston. While working at First Act, Keisuke met Canadian luthier Mario Beauregard who is considered to be one of the best luthiers today. After showing Mario a some samples of his work, Keisuke was invited by Mario to join him at his shop in Quebec to apprentice for him. He stayed with Mario for one year. While working with Mario he learned so many things. He continues to learn while crafting his new creations today. Keisuke returned to Japan to start Keystone Stringed Instruments in summer of 2007.

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Taran Guitars builds unique, world-class instruments which are meticulously crafted using the finest materials for customers across the globe. Set up in 2007 by Rory Dowling, the company is founded on four key principles; pursue excellence in process and product; foster innovation in sonic and aesthetic design; responsibly source the highest-quality materials; collaborate.


Over the last 15 years, Taran Guitars has collaborated with some of the world’s finest musicians and players and alongside bespoke customer orders, they are also proudly represented by dealers across the globe.

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Beautifully handcrafted guitars | Made in England