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Applegate, Atkin, Baranik, Beauregard, Bryan Galloup, Conor Casey, Donal Mcgreevy, Dontcho Ivanov, Ervin Somogyi, Bruce Petros, Iris, Isaac Jang, Jamie Swannell, Jason Kostal, Kathy wingert, Keystone, Lars Rasmussen, Lowry, Marc Beneteau, Maegen wells,Preston Thompson, Sam Guidry, Taran, Tim Frick, Turnstone, Elliott Capo, Hoffee Case, Mainstage Case, and Visenut Case.
In Loving Memory of SungMo Kim by WoodSound
WoodSound is an official and authorized dealer of esteemed luthiers around the world. As an official dealer, we take pride in our selection of high-end guitars that are handcrafted with precision and care by esteemed luthiers.   WoodSound was founded in 2010 by Sungmo Kim, who were a guitar enthusiast with a passion for high-end guitars. His love of guitar founded WoodSound as an official dealer of talented luthiers around the world. After the death of Sungmo Kim, his family inherited Woodsound and continues to honor his legacy by maintaining the same level of commitment to providing musicians with access to exceptional guitars. Thanks to the unwavering dedication and support of talented luthiers and other passionate individuals, WoodSound remains deeply committed to upholding Sungmo Kim's vision and carrying on his legacy.   At WoodSound, our deepest hope is that you will not only find the perfect guitar but also discover your ultimate musical destination, where your passion and creativity can flourish.